Destination Las Vegas Part 2: Ceremony

May 28th, 2014

Hi Everyone, This week I am sharing the pictures of the ceremony that we did on the Golf Course Lawn at the Wynn Hotel.  There is a gorgeous waterfall on the golf course that we used as our backdrop so we knew we wanted to keep the mandap open for the view.  We used oranges and fuschias since I thought that would look really pretty against the pristine green lawn and clear blue skies that Vegas has in the early summer months. Exquisite Events wedding at Wynn Hotel

We also figured that since it was early May and typically, in our and the hotel's experience, Vegas does not start heating up to uncomfortable temps until mid-to-late May, we would not need any shade over the guests...we were wrong.

The week prior, the weather was projected to be great, in the 80s. I looked again the week of the wedding and it said 100 for the ceremony day!!  The rental companies were quoting an astronomical amount for shading and said they would not be able to get the colors in time. Now what? The next best solution would be to find parasols for the guests so we called Pier 1 and Cost Plus who both combined had about 5 parasols-we needed 100. On a whim, I asked the hotel if there was a Chinatown in Vegas. In my 25+ years of going to Vegas, I had no idea that in fact there was a quite large Chinatown located right off the strip! We took a 10 min cab ride crossing our fingers in hopes to find the coveted umbrellas and after about an hour of going shop to shop, we finally came across a vendor who was able to collect 50 parasols in our colors and 50 hand fans- SUCCESS! If you are a planner, you know that you have to come up with a Plan B, C and D sometimes and that is what is so challenging and exciting about doing what we do!

[caption id="attachment_7023" align="aligncenter" width="541"] Chinatown to get parasols[/caption] Exquisite Events ceremony at Wynn Hotel Exquisite Events ceremony at Wynn Hotel golf course Exquisite Events orange and fuschia ceremony at Wynn Hotel Floral elephant at Exquisite Events wedding ceremony 2014-05-03 09.41.23 Exquisite Events Las Vegas ceremony elephant 10268679_10152908567465353_2394634483401577925_n 10369918_10152023953096707_421331745625819795_n 10291774_10151990566391707_5641482219947115257_n Exquisite Events Las Vegas baraat Exquisite Events destination wedding baraat Exquisite Events destination wedding baraat Exquisite Events Las Vegas Ceremony Exquisite Events Las Vegas Wedding Exquisite Events Las Vegas Wedding Exquisite Events Wynn Las Vegas Wedding Exquisite Events Las Vegas Wedding Exquisite Events Las Vegas Wedding Be sure to check back next week to read about the Grand Finale of the Las Vegas Destination Wedding! Have an Exquisite day and we'll see you next Wednesday!

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