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October | 2013 | California and International Wedding Planner

Featured in Special Events: Eventline eNewsletter!

October 14th, 2013

  We are so excited that four of our uniquely designed cakes have been featured in the Special Events Eventline eNewsletter!  The cakes included a Coco Chanel inspired cake, a cake for an 'Enchanted Forest' wedding, a cake celebrating a 25th anniversary and a bridal shower cake covered with 100 edible butterflies for a butterfly-loving bride!  "They can be tiny or towering, pure white or a riot of color--all wedding cakes are beautiful, and here are some of our favorites," says Eventline in their newsletter. To see the full post and more photos, click HERE.   EventlineEE - Eventline

Nancy and Darshan – As Seen on Junebug Weddings

October 3rd, 2013

A gorgeous Mexican/Indian wedding, as seen on Junebug Weddings "Nancy and Darshan’s extraordinary Santa Monica wedding was planned by Nikki and Madiha Khan of Exquisite Events, and will simply make you swoon! Both the bride’s Mexican heritage and the groom’s Indian heritage were celebrated beautifully, and it was all expertly captured by Southern California wedding photographers Lin & Jirsa. Enjoy!" ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#1   The Process: Our planning experience was great because we had the help of many influential vendors with experience. We picked the location by picking a place near to our home, which has beautiful ocean views. The design process came from picking our favorite colors and adding some romance to the design. The main dinner room was transformed with lighting and drapery to fit the look we were trying to achieve. The Design: We wanted a warm, welcoming environment full of romance and love. We had many deep colors with accents of gold and crystals. It all went well and enhanced our attire as well. The stage (mandap) where our ceremony was very unique and beautiful! There were many people involved in getting the mandap and the lawn as beautiful as it was. The Moments: It was a magical day. One of the best decisions was to add the Shehnai player, so we could have live music during the ceremony. Having our DJ translate the ceremony to English was important so t The Advice: Start planning early, so that you can compare prices. There are many, many vendors to chose from but it takes so much time going through and meeting them all, and voicing your desires. Also, get your marriage license at least one month before your wedding; we ended up getting ours the day before our wedding! I think it’d be a nice thing to do to mark your one-month count down to the big day.hat everyone understood the ceremony. Having food and champagne in our room between the ceremony and reception, so we actually got to eat! Also, having some traditional Indian snacks during the Bharrat, so that the guests had some traditional food during an important event of the marriage ceremony.   ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#2 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#3 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#4 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#5 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#7 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#8 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#9 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#10 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#11 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#12 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#13 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#14 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#15 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#16 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#17 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#18 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#20 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#21 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#23 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#24 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#25 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#26 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#27 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#28 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#29 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#30 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#31 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#32 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#33 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#34 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#35 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#36 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#37 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#38 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#39 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#40 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#41 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#42 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#43 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#44 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#45 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#46 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#47 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#47 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#48 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#49 ExquisiteEvents-RevelryEventDesigners-LinandJirsa-#50  Thank you to the incredible team that made this wedding so stunning: Photographer: Lin & Jirsa Event Planner: Nikki and Madiha Khan of Exquisite Events Ceremony and Reception Venue: Bel Air Bay Club Videographer/Film Maker: Lin & Jirsa Catering: Bel Air Bay Club Florist: The Hidden Garden Floral Design Cake: Rosebud Cakes Wedding Dress: Dream Collections Hair and Makeup: Ziba Beauty DJ: Kumba Entertainment Live Music: Roger Lipson (Shehnai player during ceremony), Kumba Entertainment (Dhol players during Bharrat), Rossi Music (string quartet during cocktail hour), Zero Hour from Rozzi Music (reception) Dance Performers: NDM Bollywood Dance Productions and Grandeza Mexican Folk Ballet Company Rentals: Revelry Event Designers Elephant Rental: Have Trunk Will Travel Horse and Carriage Rental: Enchanted Carriages 

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