Reema and Kunal’s Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel | Part 2 – Grand Reception

February 25th, 2015

During the design meeting, our couple expressed the desire to have turquoise, which was the groom’s favorite color, and aubergine, which was the bride’s favorite color. The room was draped in eggplant with silver valances and featured a silver dance floor and chairs. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 1 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 2 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 11 We decided to do the flowers in jewel tones—therefore, deep purples, merlots and burgundy colors were used for centerpieces. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 6 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 7 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 8 All the square tables and the head table were dressed in Camilla Teal from Wildflower Linen. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 9 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 10 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 12 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 13 The cake table had solid teal. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 4 The stage was designed with mirrored and tufted panels and had a regal charm about them. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 3 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 5 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 24 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 23 The lighting was done in very soft pink and the ambiance was magical. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 14 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 15 The ballroom doors were opened amidst all the “Oooohs??? and “Aaaahs.??? Ribbon dancers and LED dancers performed elegant dance movements on the dance floor as the guests took their seats. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 16 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 17 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 18 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 19 The Grand Entrance featured dhol players and all eyes were on the couple as they went to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 25 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 26 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 20 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 21 Bhangra dancers were hired to open the dance floor and the energy in the room was electrifying. Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 27 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 28 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 29 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 30 Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 31 Needless to say, our couple was over the moon with the entire event and we have not stopped receiving touching and lovely thank you notes to this day. We are excitedly looking forward to doing something beautiful for the last daughter and when the time comes we will be ready.   Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday!

Reema & Kunal’s Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel | Part One – Sikh Ceremony

February 18th, 2015

We are very fortunate to have the clients’ trust to do repeat business with them.  This particular client has four children and this was the third child’s wedding that we designed and planned. Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 2 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 1 He is an absolute dream client and wanted to pull no stops for the celebration.  The fact that he trusts us implicitly also made it an extremely joyful planning process. We had a total of four months to plan their high-scale wedding with seven hundred expected guests.  There was one design meeting with the couple to understand their vision and style and a few subsequent meetings for the walk-through and vendor walk-through at the hotel.  Since the groom was from Seattle, they arrived a few days before the wedding and had their own celebrations and events.  We were fortunate to get both the ceremony and ballroom spaces the day before the event to do our install and set up. That was a huge help as this event had a lot of moving parts. By Friday night, our ceremony tent was all done with the exception of flowers and some minor tweaking and details. Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 4 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 3 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 5 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 6 We woke up on January 24th to gusty winds that created a havoc in the tent.  The winds were so strong that chandeliers were moving violently and at times the tent ceiling was coming down.  Our initial design entailed bringing the outdoors to the indoors. The tent was going to be an open tent, but with the situation at hand, we decided to enclose the tent to provide comfort to the guests. Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 7 The winds also posed a safety challenge with the rented helicopter that was to drop tons of rose petals at the start of our groom’s procession.  With us (Nikki and Madiha), safety comes first, so we were in close contact with the company. We decided to wait until half an hour before to make that call.  As luck would have it, the winds died down considerably to have a smooth baraat, petal drop, snacks on the waterfall lawn and then the transition to the ceremony, which went off without a hitch. Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 9 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 11 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 10 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 8 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 12 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 14 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 15 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 13 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 16 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 17 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 21 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 20 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 22 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 24 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 25 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 23 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 19 Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 18 The bride had a send-off in a doli which took the couple in the horse carriage to the front of the hotel for them to get ready for their grand reception. Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday for Part Two of Reema and Kunal's beautiful wedding--their reception!

Madiha’s Wedding

February 11th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

For this week's blog, we thought we would celebrate Valentine's Day by sharing my wedding from October 2003. It's hard to believe it has been over 11 years since we got married but I will say that I was the most lucky and relaxed bride because my mom planned the entire thing! The mehndi was held at a country club in LA and to me, the most fun part about this was that I had family fly in from everywhere so the days leading up to the wedding we spent making flower garlands and prepping for the event. It was so fun and festive and was even more special because so many close friends and family were there leading up to it.

07398-0000-16A 07398-0000-17A 07396-0000-18A 07398-0000-19A Our parents :) 07398-0000-29A 07394-0000-20A 07396-0000-31A 07388-0000-13A 07388-0000-30A 07395-0000-28A 07395-0000-27A

So much fun seeing everyone have a great time! Luckily we had a day in between to recover before the wedding.


The wedding was held at the historical Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. We had seen about 15 venues before we came to this venue and as soon as I saw it I was in love. There is so much history there and the fact that the 1st Academy Awards were held there in 1929 made it even cooler. I also loved that there were portraits of Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn in the ballroom-very old Hollywood.

6a0133ecabe6c4970b0133f2bfa4be970b 07390-0000-08 07390-0000-17 My now 24 year old brother and 12 year old niece. 07390-0000-27 One of my favorite pictures with all my brothers. 07390-0000-23 07392-0000-17 John Solano had me laughing the entire time. 07392-0000-05 If you know me you know my extreme fear of heights. John Solano took me to the emergency exit of the 10th floor to get this shot and it turned out really cool. 07377-0000-30 I attached my Quran to the bouquet. 07390-0000-16 07386-0000-16A A moment with my dad before I walked down the aisle. 07393-0000-07A Prayer 07392-0000-31 07379-0000-07 Negotiations 07379-0000-18 07399-0000-08

We were lucky enough to get access to the rooftop to get some really cool shots of the Hollywood sign in the background.


It's amazing how much things in the wedding industry have changed so much over the last 11 years, but I still look back at my wedding and love everything about it.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday!

Photo Credits: John Solano Photography

2015’s Top Wedding Trends | Part 3 – Wedding Decor

February 4th, 2015

This week, we are going to cover all things decor from ceremony trends to reception trends. Weddings are meant to be fun, unique, engaging, and full of love and personality. Exquisite Events has been able to create some amazing and interesting decor trends that have left quite an impression. Let's take a look at some fun trends that we think will be seen more frequently this year and in the years to come! We love the idea of a suspended cake. It is a beautiful attention-grabber and a fun way to display 360-degree views of all the tiers. Luxe_Event_0112 Open canopies create a dynamic and romantic ambiance, especially for twilight weddings. The mixture of an indoor-outdoor feel makes for an intimate setting and a beautiful space. Mike and Nishita's Rooftop Reception 3 Mike and Nishita's Rooftop Reception 4 DN-21st-wedding-photos-0372-2244421273-O Monogrammed dance floors add a meaningful and personal touch to a wedding reception. An added bonus is that they can be used to cover up patterned carpet in the room. Dance Floor Ebell Mendhi Party Beverly Hills Hotel Reception 19 Wedding Reception Dance Floor | Exquisite Events FS Westlake Styled rose petal arrangement is an elegant and fun added effect to the aisle way. It creates a dramatic and beautiful element to the ceremony decor. Rustic Barn Wedding 5 Four Seasons Westlake Exquisite Events Ceremony A mixture of colors create a beautiful effect. 10339713_10152023952366707_3615467437479130483_n We are excited to see more of these unique trends in the coming years! Have an Exquisite week and we will see you next Wednesday!

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