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2016 | California and International Wedding Planner

Cheers to our 2016 Exquisite Events

December 29th, 2016

As this year comes to an end and we are awaiting the new year with anticipation and enthusiasm, we cannot help but look back with great fondness about having our new and repeat clients trust us to create memories for the most special day. We continue to feel blessed and humbled. For us, the most endearing aspect of this business is developing ever lasting relationships where some of our long friendships have turned into wonderful clients and then with some people who start out as being our clients have now become good friends.

Here is a recap of some of our favorite events of the year.

Our Events in Cabo San Lucas









Indoor Garden
Photos by: Braja Mandala



Monarch Beach Resort
Photos by: Callaway Gable





Bacara Resort & Spa Events
Photos by: Callaway Gable












Iconic Rotunda at Pelican Hill Resort img_0243


Turnip Rose Celebration & Wedding Photos by: Samson Pro Films





Happy New Year! Excited for what is to come in 2017!

Exquisite Travels to Paris & Budapest

December 23rd, 2016

The best way for me to say goodbye to this year and welcome the New Year was to make impromptu plans to travel abroad and what better city than my all time fave city, Paris. This city holds so many amazing and precious memories for me as a teenager, then as a married couple and later on many trips with my children. Each time I visit, I find the city more beautiful and enchanting than before. We had five days in the city and it truly felt wonderful not to have any agenda or business meetings and just go with the flow. We walked the city endlessly in the 25 degree crisp and cold weather. The city was decked out with lights like a bride and shops, restaurants and boulevards were bustling with people.



There were endless Christmas bazaars and little shops bearing handmade gift items. We tried all my favorite restaurants which is always a highlight of our time in Paris and a few among those were La Serre, Monsieur Blue, Manko and Le George. Our stay at the Peninsula was superb and very comfortable and the hotel roof top boasts views of Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame.





Of course your visit to Paris is not complete without visiting the lovely George Cinq and even though I missed my dear friend Jeff Leatham again in Paris but his Christmas displays had the whole town talking. Talk about creativity!!! Kudos to Jeff for making such a big name for himself, so well deserved!!!




Our next stop was Budapest, one of the few cities in Europe we had not visited and the city definitely did not disappoint. Our stay was at the historical Corinthia Hotel which used to be grand hotel Budapest. The general manager who has been with the hotel since thirty years was kind enough to make time to not only meet with us, but gave us a tour of the entire hotel along with a lovely parting gift. Since this was first time for both of us in Budapest, we decided to hire a private car with driver who took us around and gave a tour of the city.

The city holds a unique appeal where "Buda" sits on a hill with palatial residences and old palaces which have been turned into museums. " Pest " lies on the other side and has the hotels, banks and commercial buildings and between Buda and Pest lies Danube River. Our driver spoke flawless English and not only gave us a thorough lesson in history but pointed out several bullet ridden buildings from the wars and spoke at length about growing up as a child in communist regime. He also pointed out all the good restaurants, hotels and shops. Since my infatuation with beautiful porcelain is no secret to many and I wanted to visit Herend, he offered to take us there as well. As you can imagine for someone who has an obsession with bone china, I was just lost in the showroom and spend considerable amount of time going over new patterns and admiring old ones. We also made time to visit the Opera House and saw beautiful performance.


Four Seasons Budapest was on my list to visit as well but unfortunately due to not having enough time I was not able to tour the property but that is definitely on the agenda for next trip to Budapest. I will forever cherish the thermal baths, amazing massages at the hotel and delicious cuisine prepared by world class chefs and of course our well informed driver. Now that my batteries are charged, I am ready to welcome New Year and new challenges!


More Photos To Enjoy!





Wedding at the Pelican Hill Rotunda

December 16th, 2016

I had the pleasure of designing and planning Hessah and Ali's engagement party last year at the Montage Beverly Hills and recently we were honored to be part of their wedding at the magnificent Pelican Hill property. p83a3187-2
The Rotunda at Pelican Hill is such a stunning and now iconic structure, that when designing the wedding we wanted to simply enhance it and not obstruct any views of the Pacific Ocean in the background. img_0840
Hessah's mom wanted to keep it very romantic in ivories and blushes so we decided to drape the rotunda in ivory and use flower predominantly ivory and blush color roses that were reminiscent of an English garden. img_0846 Adding cascading white phaleonopsis orchids completed the romantic, ethereal look, and of course the 3 pendant chandeliers that were hung in different heights from the rotunda added that bit of bling to capture the sunlight peaking through that day. img_0837
These pictures are from a family photoshoot they did after the ceremony concluded. img_0841
I absolutely adore this family and was so happy to be part of their special day! img_0243
Thank you to Design/Planning: Exquisite Events Decor/Flowers: Square Root Designs Photographer: Lin and Jirsa Have an Exquisite Day!

A Beautiful Ceremony to Reception Transformation

December 9th, 2016

The production for the wedding started on Monday of that week. Since this main event was taking place at the client's residence there were multiple challenges of finding the perfect spot for VIP restrooms, generator and two 59 ton air conditioning units, plus vendor bathrooms that were to remain at the property for one week. In addition to that, we had to build a full satellite kitchen for the caterer. The plans called for two large tent structures, one in the front where guests and groom's family were welcomed for breakfast and one in the back of the house where ceremony was going to take place. Another challenge on hand was to do a quick turn around for luncheon reception after the ceremony. img_0058
Our colors for the front tent were coral and ivory with minimal decor. Once the tent was up on Monday, we began to lay the subfloor which was then carpeted and by Wednesday our event started to take a definite shape. Ceremony tent was draped in silver grey fabric and three large floral chandeliers were hung above. The tent had cutout Windows and special panels were constructed to make it look like a " finished room". Flowers were in peach and ivory. Since this was a Sikh wedding, a beautiful backdrop of orchids and roses was designed to go behind the holy book stage. This backdrop was to later be behind the sweetheart table. An elegant aisle awaited in the middle of the tent for the bride to make her entrance on her father's arms and large floor pillows in wedding colors were placed all over the space. 3049
On Wednesday and Thursday, we were shuttling between Sangeet and wedding venues which were about an hour apart so needless to say it was very challenging and hectic. Friday was mostly dedicated to setting tables for lunch and placing them behind the tent so we could bring these pre set tables for lunch during our turn around. 3065
Late Friday night all the floral chandeliers were hung on the ceiling and the entrance arch to ceremony site was installed. Saturday morning was a very early day since the Baraat and guests were expected to arrive at 9 am. We got to the venue with our entire team at 6 am to fine tune details and go over the time line with wait staff, valet and our own staff. Our front tent was all ready with food by 10 am. 4024
Baraat started at 8:30 am and guests made their way in to the tent by 10 am where a hot breakfast awaited them. By 11 am guests were making their way to the back tent for Sikh ceremony which is supposed to conclude by 12 pm. After receiving cold hand towels which had been soaked in rose water over night and kept in the refrigerator, guests proceeded to take their shoes off and entered the ceremony tent. Bride made her entrance at 11:30 with her father and was escorted to the front to take her seat next to her husband to be. Ceremony concluded at 12 pm and our couple was whisked away by the photographer for pictures. As soon as guests made their way to the front tent for snacks the entire production team frantically went to work for a quick turn around for lunch. img_0059
Couple's stage and backdrop was ready in no time and we all managed to bring and set all thirty tables in less than an hour. Florist was busy placing center pieces and fine tuning details. Servers were busy pouring water and specialty drinks and setting cold soup on each place setting. Our jazz quartet was in place playing beautiful tunes. We approached the client and informed them of tent being ready. Guests were thrilled and amazed to see the quick transformation. Couple made their entrance as husband and wife and the delightful afternoon ended at 5 pm when the bride said emotional goodbyes to the family. It was indeed a long and fruitful day!

Delhi Farm House Sangeet

December 2nd, 2016

Our clients vision for the Sangeet for their daughter's pre wedding event was to create "Delhi Farm House". The venue that was chosen for this event was very much in sync with the client's vision since it is a large garden that has unlimited potential. 1989
After a couple of comprehensive site visits with the production team, and clients final approval on the floor plan, color palette of burgundy and deep purple was decided. These colors were further going to be enhanced by deep orange in flowers. Our plans called for a huge truss structure around the perimeter which could comfortably accommodate over 400 plus guests. The truss was covered and draped in deep burgundy chiffon with multiple hanging chandeliers and lanterns. Two large custom bars that were both 12 ft long and were painted in burgundy and gold enhanced the ambiance with perfectly paired gold bar backs. Since this event was to have a more casual and fluid feel, we brought in a lot of lounge furniture covered in our two main colors and spread it around. The focal point was the 60ft wall that was the first visual as guests entered the space. The video mapping was projecting images of old historical. Luciano's and farm house weddings in India and was adding a lot of interest and movement. img_0544
A beautiful round Merlot dance floor was set in front of the wall with chandeliers and hanging garlands of marigolds above. As guests valet parked and walked on the red carpet there was an impressive entrance made with hundreds of marigolds. 2032
The concrete area which led to the garden was embellished with string lights and lanterns and lighting projections which further enhanced the mood. At the entrance of the garden, there was another marigold arch entrance with lanterns and laser cut panels with marigolds which were carried above the dance floor, bars and entrance structure. Tons of candles and dramatic lighting created a romantic and colorful ambiance. img_0549
After the groom's family's arrival the bride had a special surprise dance prepared for the groom which led to opening the dance floor. The DJ who was flown from India kept the guests busy with upbeat Bollywood songs. Multiple food stations from various regions of India, seafood bar, Asian fare and wide array of desserts stayed open all night so guests could eat any time. Since the client is a wine connoisseur, many specialty wines as well as spirits were provided for guests enjoyment. This event concluded at 3 am and we were thankful of the fact there was one day in between for us to get ready for the big day.

Happy Thanksgiving from Exquisite Events

November 25th, 2016

It's definitely not a secret that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Tradition is to host it at my house and have our entire family over and who ever else would like to join, which typically turns out to be around 20 people.

The first thing I think about is how I am going to dress up the table. Each year it's different and this year I was inspired by green and gold. I foraged around my neighborhood (apologize to any trees or bushes that were harmed in this process) for the greenery, spray painted my halloween mini pumpkins and gourds in gold, and with a little assistance from Home Goods and lots of candles, voila! The table was good to go.



Now on to the bird-For the last 8 years we have been ordering the Cajun Deep Fried Turkey from Neiman Marcus. Now some of you may be questioning this, but I am not kidding when I say this turkey will change your life. It is the juiciest, most delicious turkey and this year, we ordered 2 of them because, well, 1 is just not enough, along with my brother bringing 12 lbs of prime rib with a spice rub that you would want to put on EVERYTHING.

The sides were the usual decadent fare and of course, the dessert...3 different homemade pies courtesy of my sister-in-law.

I am so grateful to have all of the people I love under the same roof.


Hope everyone had an Exquisite Thanksgiving with family and loved ones!




Grand Finale Reception at the Bacara Resort & Spa

November 18th, 2016

Our epic grand finale was the reception that night. The inspiration for this event came from the client’s invitation which was white and gold and her wish to create something that was reminiscent of French Palace. 500-160813-gupta-wedding-19011
The invitation was absolutely gorgeous and gave me an idea to develop my own chair covers line in collaboration with Youngsong Martin of Wildflower Linens. 503-160813-gupta-wedding-18912
Production started in the ballroom on the morning of Thursday with draping and carpeting the room. Once these two important elements were in place, we brought in all the hardware on Friday which consisted of many chandeliers and a 50x24ft stage backdrop. Regal arches in white and gold were placed with panels in the back and hanging chandeliers. This gave a three dimensional illusion and looked spectacular. a8e011c0-9c8c-48de-8f26-4e9842c3272e
Stage front also consisted of custom boxes that were built to hold fresh flowers as well as give the stage a finished look. End result was absolutely dramatic. Dance floor was laid and all the tables were set around the room. We wanted to make sure enough time was given to each and every aspect of décor so the design was not compromised in the least. The entire room had four very impressive structures which were built for this event. Each structure consisted of six arms with custom crystal chandeliers and was strategically placed. The idea was to have twenty four tables with chandeliers hanging from above and low centerpieces. The four curved tables were for important family and close friends and had a lush runner of flowers going through the middle. Hundreds of candles cast a beautiful and romantic glow all over the room with chandeliers above the dance floor looking like a “ jewel box “. 510-160813-gupta-wedding-18969
Couple’s table sat in the middle of curved tables with the white and gold cake sitting atop a high gloss stage and backdrop of white and gold panels. Large mirrors were placed on both sides of the room and two bars that were again custom built for this event sat in the back of the room. 466c24d8-9a0f-47a8-a449-7aee557de24f
All the silverware and embellished crystal glasses were specially rented for this occasion and again added to the drama. Saturday morning was dedicated to placing linens, candles and flowers as well as focusing pin spots in the room. Resort was very candid in letting us know no one in the past had done such extensive lighting in their ballroom. We used each and every rigging point and hence were able to achieve an unforgettably gorgeous vibe. Linens were also custom designed with three different types of table linens and three different styles of chair covers complimenting these table linens. The collaboration of chair covers with Wildflower linens was personally an icing on the cake for me and the result was stunning. 505-160813-gupta-wedding-19131
Once the candles were lit, water poured in the glasses and servers all lined up by the main door, mother of the groom along with groom’s two sisters walked in. They had not seen the various stages of set up and this proved to be way beyond their expectations, there were a lot of happy tears. The team was told time and again how this had surpassed client’s expectations. A dozen electric violinists were on the dance floor for the opening and up on the balconies we had ballroom dancers performing for the grand opening. img_0230
At the sound of chimes, the ballroom was revealed to hundreds of guests who all gushed with ooohs and ahhhhs. It was an impressive sight to have the violinists playing French music, dancers moving gracefully on the balconies and the room completely awash in gold candle light as our lighting was in soft amber. Couple made their grand entrance and went straight to the dance floor for first dance. Guests noshed on carefully curated four course meal with wine pairing with different entertainment during each course from opera singers on the balcony to ballroom dancers to string instruments. After the cake was cut, dancefloor was open to guests who enjoyed a special band that was flown from India for the event. This epic night lasted till 4 am and finally came to an end. This never to be forgotten event will be forever etched in our hearts and minds. 542-160813-gupta-wedding-18837

Wedding Ceremony at the Bacara Resort & Spa

November 11th, 2016

Saturday was the wedding ceremony on Ocean Lawn.  Since Baraat is a very important aspect of wedding ceremony and client wished it be very grand, after much back and forth we were able to  acquire permission to use the lobby and front driveway for Sehra Bandi and Baraat.  This meant the use of entire lobby from 1:30-2:30 pm and closure of front courtyard from 2:30-3:30 pm.  Resort was very accommodating and  understanding and after much logistical planning on their end, all traffic was diverted to the back lot. c7ecf5c5-075b-4a0f-802b-d8d854418f34 img_0086 Groom's family and friends gathered in the lobby where a floral veil was tied on groom's face with a close family friend reading a poem written for this occasion.  Groom was escorted amidst shower of rose petals to the courtyard where a band was assembled with his horse.   160813-gupta-wedding-12966 Amidst all pomp and circumstance groom got on the horse with band playing festive upbeat tunes and family and friends dancing to make their way to the site where the bride's family awaited them.  Baraat took about twenty five minutes to reach the Milni site where an impressive tent was set up for greeting between the two families.   160813-gupta-wedding-12679 Guests were then escorted for a decadent afternoon tea hosted by the bride's family.  Ceremony was to take place on Ocean Lawn where a circular 72' tent was set up with mandap in the center and five hundred chairs in a circular fashion.  The idea was to have the ceremony rituals being witnessed by all the guests.  Multiple chandeliers hung over the mandap and beautiful French Regency styles furniture in cream and gold further enhanced the elegant vibe.   579-160813-gupta-wedding-11925 Colors chosen for ceremony were peach and gold with hint of green. As our string trio started to play, guests made their way to Ocean Lawn.  With soft breeze and clear blue ocean, it was truly a picturesque sight.   160813-gupta-wedding-14113 Groom made his way accompanied by his parents followed by bridal party who took their seats close to the mandap. Bride's favorite song was an indication for her walk down the aisle on her father's arm.  Ceremony was short and beautiful and at the conclusion both families took photos with the couple by the mandap.  Couple was then whisked away in their special golf cart which was decorated with fresh flowers by the photographer for photos.  Guests got on the golf carts  and some walked back to go to their rooms to change for the reception which was a couple of hours later.   Stay tuned for the epic grand finale jaw dropping reception which will take your breath away.

Sangeet Upstairs at the Bacara Resort & Spa

November 4th, 2016

Second phase of the evening which consisted of dessert bar, action stations, whiskey lounge and cigar roller in the Rotunda. The color palette was the same in deep reds and hint of aubergine. High tables accompanied by bar stools were set on either side of the terrace over looking the front courtyard and ocean. Tons of candles cast a romantic and sexy glow. Day beds, bournes and arm less couches and chairs with colorful pillows created intimate and sensual spaces. Innumerable candles were burning everywhere and the two bars stayed busy throughout the night. Highlight of the evening was the band in Santa Ynez room. This room is connected with rotunda through a common terrace and was converted into a night club. The entire room was covered with Merlot high gloss dance floor. 576-160812-gupta-sangeet-2655
An oversized stage sat in the center of the room with candle walls creating a lovely backdrop. Two huge flower arrangements in urns sat on either side of the stage. Custom orbs were hung on the ceiling to bring added drama along with intelligent lighting, patterns on the dance floor and ceiling. 585-160812-gupta-sangeet-2680
As soon as guests arrived on the upper level, many made their way to the Santa Ynez room where the band was playing high energy music. Some got comfortable with whiskey and cigars and a lot of them made way to dessert bar and action stations. The two bars also stayed busy throughout the night. 572-160812-gupta-sangeet-2637
Around 11 pm, late night snacks consisting of sliders, mac n cheese and truffle fries were passed. The best thing for us to witness is when the hosts are having a great time and this night was a true testament to that. Like all good things must come to an end, this one did too but at 3 am, sign of a true successful party. 555-160812-gupta-sangeet-2621
Stay tuned for our breathtaking Baraat, high tea, and exquisite ceremony next week.

Sangeet at the Bacara Resort & Spa

October 28th, 2016

Our second event was Sangeet which is essentially a big night of food, music and dancing! This event typically lasts till the wee hours of morning and is very high energy. 1-509-160812-gupta-sangeet-1146
For this event we had decided on deep red color palette with hint of aubergine. The idea was to have this event in two phases starting with dinner and some family dances in the lower level and later escorting guests to the after party and desserts upstairs. Since the temperature was balmy and comfortable this week, guests were having a fantastic time being outdoors on the terrace. 3-525-160812-gupta-sangeet-1127
We had set two large bars to keep guests happy and the entire space was set up with multiple food stations spread throughout the terrace. Decor consisted of lounge furniture in merlot and red tones along with tables of different configurations. Beautiful custom linens and flowers complimented the decor in shades of red and the vibe was sensual and elegant. 4-5-503-160812-gupta-sangeet-1116
Our couple made their dramatic entrance from the impressive staircase of Bacara and made their way down accompanied by the bridal party. Bride and Groom's families and friends did a few choreographed dances followed by skits by groom's friends and dance floor was opened for guests to do justice to. 5-547-160812-gupta-sangeet-1052
Festive feel of the event coupled with delicious cuisine prepared by the hotel and the Indian caterer who was brought to the venue by the client created amazing ambiance. 6-529-160812-gupta-sangeet-1099
There was a lot of movement, fluidity, laughter and good energy in the air and the night was absolutely magical. At 10 pm guests were escorted to the sounds of drums to the upper level. 7-160812-gupta-sangeet-1902

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