Blending Traditions

July 7th, 2020

Our company has been in the forefront for planning Indian Weddings since its inception for almost twenty years. One of the most endearing things we have observed time and again is how our clients and couples are passionate about incorporating the religious, cultural and traditional aspects in the ceremony. What is more special and heartwarming is the fact these young couples are born and raised here in the U.S and are very westernized. When it comes to their nuptials, they have a genuine desire to learn the rituals and significance of each act, ensuring the meaning is perfectly understood.

Over the last few years, interfaith weddings have become popular with millennials. We truly enjoy planning these nuptials as both the bride and groom infuse their own cultural and religious nuances, thus providing a very authentic experience. India as we all know is a vast country and each region has its own distinct culture, language, traditions, cuisine, attire and nuances. This wedding was one of many interfaith weddings we have planned.

The groom's parents were Indian Gujrati and the bride was from Mexico. They both incorporated elements from their cultures to give their reception a truly personalized and authentic flavor. Both the bride and groom embraced the elements from each culture and immersed themselves in the unique experience. The festivities started with Pooja at Groom’s parents home, followed by mehndi, garba night, sangeet and culminating with ceremony and reception. The bride paid a tribute by having Mexican Dancers at her reception night and also incorporated the rich colors that hold a special meaning from her heritage. Below are some photos of their events. Hope you enjoy!

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