Exquisite Woman Entrepreneurs: Anita Chatterjee

August 31st, 2018

Meet our next Exquisite Woman Entrepreneur, Anita Chatterjee. Anita is the founder and CEO of A-Game Public Relations based in New York City. A-Game PR specializes in publicity and branding for the tech sector, high-profile celebrities, and consumer packaged goods firms. Her clients include Rohan Oza, guest shark on the hit ABC show Shark Tank; Ne-Yo, the Grammy award-winning singer, as his tech/business publicist; Dave Asprey, world-famous biohacker and founder of Bulletproof Coffee; Payal Kadakia, founder and chairman of ClassPass; CAVU Venture Partners, the hottest venture firm in the CPG space; and several other dynamic brands and people disrupting the world!

Let’s meet the exquisite Anita!

Exquisite Events (EE): Where did you grow up?
Anita Chatterjee (AC): I grew up in Naperville, Il, a suburb of Chicago

EE: Is PR something you always wanted to do?
AC: Yes, I always had an interest in PR. As a student I would always take on leadership roles promoting organizations, events and people who I believed in. Public Relations has always been a part of my life—beginning well before I ever pursued it professionally.

EE: How did you get started in PR and who was your first client?
AC:. My very first client at A-Game Public Relations was Rohan Oza, a huge win for a new company! I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Public Relations, so I worked at different firms before I started my own business. I was in talks with another firm about partnering with them, but then I realized that my best option was to build my own company. I was aware of my talents and knew they wouldn’t shine unless I worked for myself. My friend and mentor Anjula Acharia introduced me to Rohan Oza who at the time was looking for a good publicist. He took a meeting with me and grilled me on my strategic plan for his brand. He liked the plan, agreed to hire me, and said let’s see if you can pull this off. Four years later, Rohan has been featured in many top-tier publications like the New York Times, Forbes and Fortune; is widely known as “The Hollywood Brandfather;” and is a guest shark on the hit ABC show Shark Tank -- so it looks like I pulled it off! I have become close to him and his team and am grateful that he believed in me and has continued to support me as a new entrepreneur. I was lucky that my first client not only has a killer track record but is also a great guy!

EE: We know that you represent quite a few heavy hitters in a range of industries. Can you tell us a bit about your clientele roster?
AC: Sure. I represent several high-profile celebrities and business leaders, along with brands and tech start-ups. Being a female founder myself, it’s important to me that I represent female -founded companies. Some of the amazing female-founded companies I represent include Gobble, the originator of the 15-minute gourmet dinner-kit; Yumi, an organic baby food delivery service; and Pop & Bottle, a delicious plant-based beverage company. Of course, I also represent the dynamic Payal Kadakia, the female founder of ClassPass, which just raised an additional $85 million to fuel its global expansion. On the celebrity front I am working right now with the Grammy Award-winning artist Ne-Yo as his business and tech publicist, and I am also working with his wife who is a celebrity Chef and TV personality.

EE: What advice would you give your younger self?
AC: Life is not about what you want. It’s about what you need.

EE: How important is social media to your job and clientele?
AC: Very important. Social media enables them to connect directly with the public. No other platform enables that kind of direct unfiltered dialogue.

EE: What do you do when you are not working?
AC: I spend time with the people I love -- most importantly my husband!

EE: What is on your bucket list?
AC: I don’t have one! My desires keep changing! I know if I created a bucket list now it would most likely change a year from now, so I take things one step at a time.

Thank you Anita!!

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