Up Close and Personal with Grace Ormonde of Wedding Style Magazine

February 12th, 2016

Grace Ormonde Interview with Exquisite Events This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing Grace Ormonde, creator and Editor-in-Chief of Wedding Style Magazine, "a luxury wedding planning publication with a focus on fashion, jewelry, décor and travel." Grace has been a friend of Nikki and Madiha's for quite some time as our paths have often crossed while planning and publishing events. She is a delight and inspiration for event coordinators, designers, brides and a personal inspiration to Nikki and Madiha.  She is a hard working lady with a keen eye for details and luxury and her magazine is considered a luxury publication.  We hope you enjoy our conversation with Grace Ormonde! ??????????? EE: How did you get started with Wedding Style Magazine? GO: I was in retail and I worked with a lot of brides-to-be, I meet this one bride and she intrigued me into helping her. From there I decided to get into the event business and 10 years to this date, I started the “Grand Bridal Show??? which included a program. The program created was such a success that everyone asked me to buy an advertisement in it, and then I had a thought that I should start my own wedding magazine and the rest is history. EE: What did the first edition of Wedding Style Magazine look like? GO: See below Wedding Style 1998 Cover EE: What does a typical workday look like for you? GO: Going through submissions, speaking to agencies, working with my designers, and in between all that, I try to find time to speak to one client per day. EE: If you had to choose, what would you say was your favorite wedding that WSM published in 2015? GO: Shanna Khan & Justin McCabe  christian-oth-photography-wedding-2015-14 EE: From where do you draw inspiration? GO: From the talent I see and meet all over the world. That has always been my goal; to bring the best talent to my readers. EE: How do you find fresh content for each publication? GO: From the 1000s of submissions that come in weekly and of course things that we produce ourselves.  vera-wang-wedding-dresses-fall-2016-011_0 EE: Out of thousands of wedding submissions, how do you choose what to publish? What makes an ideal Wedding Style Magazine event? GO: That is always the hardest part of my job, as much as I like hundreds of pictures that I receive, I only have so many pages for print. I can’t pick all of it for the magazine, but I have developed other sources like the website, blog and social media where we are showing more content on a regular basis. An ideal Wedding Style submission includes a romantic and loving couple, unique wedding decor, and of course, the photography. The photos have to move me on some level; ultimately the photographs are what tells the story.  I am always looking for something that is a little bit different. There is always a twist on something that has been done before. When looking at a submission, I look at details like a custom couture gown designed for the bride, the look of the couple, the decor. There are many elements that go into selecting images. EE: What advice do you have for anyone planning a wedding? GO: Look at my magazine, (as she laughs) the real advice is, be particular about selecting the right group of people working with you to create your vision. Also, try to have fun during the planning process. Most importantly, remember the wedding day is not the marriage, but what is important is the journey ahead and love.  revelry-2015-tabletop-001 EE: What are some wedding day “no-nos???? GO: When a bride over accessorizes. My favorite look on a bride is a beautiful diamond earring and a stunning diamond ring. Simplicity is always the most elegant choice, anything that does not take away from a beautiful gown.  EE: What style advice do you have for brides? GO: To be clear what their vision is for their wedding, but be open to an idea that a planner or designer might have a better idea. In my experience, designers can come up with a design that we have never seen before.  duke-photography-wedding-plat-2014-land2 EE: What are some of best designs you have seen? GO: There are so many, I really don’t know where to start. It would be hard to pick one. That is one of the reasons why my first book was 400 pages. This year has been pretty extraordinary when it comes to bridal fashion designers.   EE: What do you love the most about your job? What’s the biggest challenge? GO: I love picking beautiful images and meeting designers and planners who produce beautiful events. A challenge I face is that I get a lot of requests from around the world asking for geographic specific magazines and I would love to one day fulfill that. EE: If you had to pick only one image from your career to describe you best, which image would you choose? GO: See below Wedding Style 2011 Cover EE: What does 2016 look like for you?  GO: Very busy and many exciting things in the works. 

Thanks so much for reading our interview with Grace Ormonde. Exquisite Events also has the honored privilege of being a platinum vendor on Wedding Style Magazine. Click here to see our page.


Have an Exquisite weekend, and we'll see you here next week!

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