Nikki’s Tea Series: All In The Details

March 24th, 2017

Nikki's obsession for a good cup of tea is well known to her close circle of friends. Many friendships have been formed over a cup of perfectly brewed hot cup of tea. Not only does the tea have to be brewed to perfection but the kind of tea used is just as important. Any occasion she can set a table to treat friends to a cup of tea does not go to waste as was the case here. Here in the below photos she used two different vignettes for two separate groups of friends. On the smaller vignette she used her nesting tables with Royal Doulton China, some silver objects from her collection, beautiful custom made lace tea napkins that were tied with a satin ribbon and dainty broochby Wildflower Linens. Grand Eclair provided the flowers wrapped in burlap bearing fresh fruit with dahlias in shades of purples. The beautiful backdrop of hydrangeas provided a relaxed, simple and elegant setting. Needless to say tea was enjoyed by all amidst thought provoking and interesting conversation.
On the second vignette a small table was dressed with Nikki's favorite linen Carolyn Lace from Wildflower Linens. The table was placed on the edge of the pool and paired with blue ottomans. Nikki's favorite tea set in blue and white bone china which was actually purchased from George Cinq Paris shop many years ago ( they don't carry this pattern any more ) along with her most favorite Meissen piece, Bacarat stemware, Christofle flatware was simply breathtaking. Since she likes to brew enough tea for all her friends, she likes to use more than one tea pot as was the case with this table. Beautiful spring tulips in bright orange sat atop a group of boxes and the effect was inviting and ethereal at the same time. Good time was had by all amidst lots of laughs.

Special thank you to our partners:
Linens: Wildflower Linens
Flowers: Tic Tock
China: Nikki's private collection
Design/Decor: Exquisite Events
Photography: Braja Mandala

Nikki’s Tea Series: Afternoon Under The Orange Tree

March 16th, 2017

In one of Nikki's recent tea gatherings, she decided to pay homage to pantone color of the year, Greenery. The table was set under an orange tree in her backyard, where she used her wrought iron table and chairs. The table was covered with a geometric chartreuse and crisp white Russian linen, and napkins were used along with her white bone china from Villoroy and Boch. The set up was accented with sherbet colors, mixing light greens, lilacs, and pinks in stemware. The soft colored flowers further enhanced the serene and ethereal look, yet retained the elegance. A lovely afternoon tea was enjoyed with friends amidst lively conversation.
Special thank you to our partners:
Linens: Wildflower Linens
Flowers: Tic Tock Couture Florals
China: Nikki's Private Collection
Photography: Braja Mandala

Dinner at the Montage

March 10th, 2017

Every now and then, Nikki plans these special intimate evenings for her clients, and this year it was a collaboration with the amazing George Nickels of Montage Beverly Hills, YoungSong Martin of Wildflower Linens, and Alex Amidi of Square Root Design. This was a sit down dinner by invitation only, and invitees were treated to a superb guest experience.

 photo AF2DA2DF-3DC3-4507-9146-9B09062C45B0_zpssqynd5we.jpg

 photo 2843BB38-FDFD-49B9-AD71-CA4523797B58_zpsq0zazpda.jpg

Upon arrival they were treated to live jazz music, and enjoyed the cocktail hour with delicious tray passed hors d'oeuvres, champagne, and wine. The hotel staff passed out escort cards to each guest on silver trays decked with rose petals.
 photo 2F91ACF1-AFFA-4572-A207-268E48B61D2F_zpsdzbawzwr.jpg

The reveal of the dining room produced awe in everyone present. The colors chosen were white and gold with hints of pantone green, up on the 9th floor of the hotel in the conservatory. Tables were set to the 9s with formal gold chargers, atop which sat beautiful china paired with black and brushed gold flatware from Borrowed Blu. The tables selected for the event were white lacquer top with gold legs and the chair covers were Nikki's design collaboration with Wildflower Linens. The focal point of the room were the two custom made structures from Square Root Designs, which were decked with flowers and had sparkling chandeliers to light up every table. Amber lighting in candle-lit coloring washed the room in gold, and the city views on the clear night were breathtaking.

 photo CADF5E08-AFA5-45CB-BE3B-7BF9EBC40BF7_zpsh1jmajfk.jpg

 photo B94F38F0-6412-4D4C-9393-5A67B5AE982E_zps8ogbfh18.jpg

Guests were escorted to their seats where their names were printed on individual menus. A quartet played in the background, creating drama with the vocalists sultry voice along with the chello, guitar, and bass. Young and Nikki welcomed and thanked their guests and introduced George Nickels, who said a few words. A decadent three course meal was served, paired with tableside wine service. The service was impeccable and guests had quite the memorable dining experience. At the end of the meal, Nikki wanted guests to continue mingling at the dessert action stations, which consisted of churros and croquembouche- a big hit. The night ended with coffee and sweets, and as each guest departed, they were gifted with a personalized token of appreciation by the hosts.

 photo BCE81C37-CD42-4F05-BC5C-B4359A649E2E_zpsyhxail0n.jpg

 photo 4672949C-47DE-4C58-A789-3537D692797C_zpsd8f80np9.jpg

We would like to thank our following partners:
Montage Beverly Hills
The Replicas Music
Square Root Designs
Wildflower Linens
Avec Lumiere Productions
Borrowed Blu
Flowers and Invitations
Mike Colón Photography

 photo 0A114761-BBA1-4551-A921-7BAC69B50B7F_zpsqkqahz7g.jpg

 photo 081D4853-BEE4-4D76-9347-D967DCACC493_zpsqlltwupn.jpg

 photo 2DFD7F26-A3A5-4872-9071-EC8C80C50953_zpslygo4ida.jpg

 photo 5F9769B8-4926-44AA-BE1F-79F953A3A971_zpsnv3wjhfs.jpg

 photo 9DD1A455-E545-49D0-BA1C-6D55AAFCE328_zpsfyaf7nqs.jpg

 photo 1AF899C4-BF28-443F-8A43-8B1A19D2F3DB_zpsg9ryis65.jpg

 photo EF38E968-DF84-459B-9C6E-6C43FD5AC0B6_zpssat6wmxe.jpg

 photo D4BDC56D-C13E-4630-B81D-D50A93DD147E_zpszcwy4gde.jpg

 photo 557074AD-BFC8-4898-BEE1-1CA97C1A8CDF_zps0dm3c2xk.jpg

 photo 42813B27-F026-4895-B4DA-607BE6AA5C2D_zpswzq71wib.jpg

 photo A1C04C22-AFCD-4B95-8190-BA98813FD5FB_zpsthvkjpzz.jpg

 photo 280F39E3-723F-4E35-9E30-DA3FFD4213E6_zps8rwvcnen.jpg

 photo 2C2C36B5-DC28-46E4-B422-1B9979FD2AA4_zpse5btbdol.jpg

Nikki’s Tea Series: Asian Inspired Set Up

March 3rd, 2017

A beautiful fall afternoon set the mood for a backyard tea with friends. Nikki designed a table top with Asian inspired pieces in mind. A corner of her yard had the perfect backdrop with a Buddha piece surrounded by horsetail. Atop one of Nikki’s favorite tables were some of her pieces acquired from a visit to China and Thailand. The space was set with floor pillows for a casual feel, ideal for a gathering of friends.

Tea is an important item in the Chinese culture and is one of the seven necessities of Chinese daily life. It is an object of connoisseurship and in some cultures like in Japan, tea ceremonies are a fine art. Now tea is used in social settings to entertain guests, special occasions or afternoon treats just like Nikki.
 photo E529448F-6889-4F2D-9BA4-3F5835D1806B_zpsmkxuaoy3.jpg

 photo 6BAACF00-E061-4C8C-B7E0-9306847768D2_zpsgt1lsaum.jpg

 photo E96CDE89-9E02-4E63-B790-75327BB79884_zps4cwqhoxb.jpg

 photo 9FF5AA33-1BA0-45D0-B26D-4E15400AC4BF_zps9zbjrpog.jpg

 photo 4411A27F-6095-4824-8666-9D53909C884C_zpsleddh9t3.jpg

 photo AD4FA27B-F178-4535-BE16-8644116A8D43_zpsngkf2rd6.jpg

 photo 4B222B4A-F3E4-47C0-94C5-F116571DB306_zpsstmyxjlh.jpg

 photo 2392E0EB-713B-44E9-94FD-7B2C5CB823CA_zpsca4ptpfe.jpg

 photo 87114ABD-DA51-43D1-806A-C6F150783E4D_zpscbeqebly.jpg

 photo 4C6AB0B7-21E2-4529-BCDF-B41DC96B6A7A_zpsz7ig1eje.jpg

 photo D15A9045-C98B-4D3F-BA62-E0F47684C32D_zps24nbdijb.jpg

 photo F7DEF622-10BD-434B-9B37-C23477C02DCD_zpsw0gj0lxd.jpg

 photo 678A4F4B-9233-42FE-9643-1D2A0FAFBD43_zpspnmrdabm.jpg

 photo 8FB8AF62-4EE7-4F1C-8947-44686C6AE363_zpsnow1vveo.jpg

 photo 3612C1F5-44F2-4B2A-A27C-30DA873DA169_zpsuip0ech2.jpg

Photo credit: Braja Mandala and Gene Higa

Nikki’s Tea Series: Tea for Two

February 24th, 2017

Nikki’s passion for entertaining was cultivated from a young age when she resided in Switzerland with her family. It all started on her 13th birthday, when her father gifted her with a Meissen tea set. That planted the seed of loving collecting pieces, which has turned into an impressive collection today. With an array of amazing antiques and new finds, whether in crystal, bone china, sterling silver, or hand blown glass - she has become an avid collector of these beautiful objects over the years.

Tea Napkins
Wedgewood china that was shipped from one of my trips to London and silver from Italy.
Creating drama with a mélange of candlesticks in glass, silver, and crystal
Mixing of different mediums- porcelain, bone china, and silver
Some antique silver pieces
Nikki’s favorite Meissen pieces given to her on her 13th birthday by her dad in Switzerland
A variety of china - Limoges, Meissen, Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, and St. Petersburg
Antique silver pot from Germany
Nikki’s favorite silver set purchased in Istanbul, Turkey
Check in next week to continue our series of tea sets ups at Nikki’s home!

Entertaining at Nikki’s

February 16th, 2017

Anyone who knows Nikki knows her passion for entertaining at home. She likes to incorporate her own collections of china, flatware, and glassware. This was an al fresco lunch held in her backyard in springtime, and the inspiration of this tabletop came from one her recent travels to Portugal, where she was able to acquire these beautiful pottery pieces. Her uncanny nack and passion for mixing fine crystal with earthen ware is apparent. Eddie Zarastian of Tic Tock provided gorgeous flowers with fruits and Braja Mandala did justice by capturing stunning shots. Elegant Baccarat and St Louis crystal stemware was combined with the Portuguese pottery.

Indigo blue and bright yellow were the two main colors, and Eddie did a fantastic job of bringing in beautiful spring colors in the flowers. Big platters were used as chargers, and solid yellow plates were combined with print to bring interest to the table. Tiny plates were set for the amuse-bouche, and all the tabletop items were paired with very rustic wrought iron furniture pieces to bring interest and drama to the table. Guests were served a decadent home cooked meal, and following the meal they were treated with a variety of teas. Good fun was had by all. Everyone overstayed their visit amidst inspiring and stimulating conversation, beautiful weather, and good company. It was a fun afternoon.


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.55.08 PM










Valentine’s Day Wish List

February 10th, 2017

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we wanted to share some of our favorite gift ideas! We hope you have a love filled weekend and week!

MVMT Watch Abbot Kinney Blvd Series
Gold accent with a pearl face and a cream leather strap. $115
 photo 5C8B6D0F-70D7-436D-83AE-3EDB3A2D43E0_zpsxro3ycia.jpg

Cheers to Us Champagne Gummies
Brut and rose gummies made with Dom Perignon vintage champagne imported from Germany. $9
More candies try the XOXO Bento Box 8 boxes of candy. $65
 photo F070F572-A731-4B3F-8070-D01A99FBCA53_zpsswkcuul4.jpg
 photo BB1D80A0-68EE-40D2-90E0-BBC33145C915_zpsv1gm0b8m.jpg
Tiffany & Co
Key Heart Pendant in 18k rose gold. $645
 photo 260AF300-2943-4133-A9C6-291CE3486D91_zpsbixccpe6.jpg

Love is Art Kit from Uncommon Goods
Express your love through art with a unique idea from artist Jeremy Brown. $36-$60
 photo 4D54B0C8-2F0D-4701-AE64-CC0C1170B5C8_zpsu8qdeolp.jpeg
 photo F54C5647-4055-43A8-9570-60786CA033AF_zps2x0advwi.jpeg
Bouquet of Flowers
You can't go wrong with an oversized heart of roses from Jeff Leatham or classic arrangements from XO Bloom. Prices vary on bouquet.
 photo 9D61A8AB-7068-46E8-B8ED-48F1ABFB23B7_zpsa92g5kbl.jpg
 photo 620AE801-5631-42E5-8E24-3E488E7FF6B9_zps4fac5hw8.jpeg

A Beautiful Baby Shower

February 3rd, 2017

Hi everyone!

In today's blog, I would like to share pictures from my baby shower that I was lucky enough to have hosted by 3 awesome women in my life, my mom, mother-in-law, and Youngsong Martin. I told my mom that I wanted something very simple but I should have known better that there is nothing simple when it comes to Nikki and putting together an event.
1 - Invite

Since I was having a boy, we chose the colors gray and dark blue and the stunning linens provided by Wildflower Linen, added the perfect touch of elegance.
3 - Table Madiha_Baby_Shower-1025

4 - Chairs - Madiha_Baby_Shower-1037

For flowers, we wanted them to be very Provençal looking in different cases to make it look less structured. The colors were yellows, whites and deep purples for the flowers and it honestly looked like spring time in November.
1 - Flowers

It was the perfect afternoon with live jazz musicians and great company. Thank you to the best hosts for making me feel so special.
8 - Music

6 - Party View - Madiha_Baby_Shower-1122


I'm Excited to share that on January 31st, 2017 our family grew by one. Aydin Rafi Khan was born at 6:20 am weighing in at 8 lbs and 3 oz and a huge set of lungs! Needless to say, we are incredibly happy and grateful and Zayn is a proud older brother.


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